Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Rox & Szjerdene

Posted by Tahirah

So I've been banging on about Bluey Robinson recently, who had his showcase not long ago and announced he's been signed to Sony (CONGRATS from the Block, Bluey!) but I honestly think there are more girls than boys carrying the baton for the NEW generation of UK soul (and by soul I simply mean music sung from a place in their soul).

There are a few girls doing their thing on the scene, and they'll definitely get mentioned in due course, but today I'm focusing on two ladies who are representing soul with their different sounds. Last year I did THIS POST - some seem to have disappeared (where are you Jessie J/Natalia/Alex Mills?) and the other two ladies (Tawiah & NY) are both keeping it active in their respective scenes (even though we're still waiting on an EP or album from Tawiah). But I had to blog again about Rox & Szjerdene. Both amazingly talented and beautiful, I'm waiting anxiously to fill my mp3 player with their tuneage in 2010.

Since getting "My Baby Left Me" in 2008, which got rotated heavily on my radio show, I've been waiting for something from this lady. Now everything is about to take off for her; she's preparing promo for her first radio/video single and she's been tipped as one of the 15 in BBC's Sound of 2010 list (The Block coulda told you that much!) now I'm just waiting anxiously for an album.

Szjerdene's vocals are as stunning as her physical appearence; she first came to my attention last year when Origins Media shun their spotlight on her and I got hold of her song "Wait A While". I hadn't heard from her for a while until Soul Culture featured her. Then around two weeks ago, on a night when only Eric Roberson and Amel Larrieux were providing my soundtrack, I received a tweet from the talented lady herself featuring the first video below (apparently she's slyly got talents in mind-reading too...I was listening to this Amel tune on my laptop when I got the tweet!) I can't wait to hear even more original material from Szjerdene - and I think she's got some stuff coming soon.