Saturday, 28 June 2008

Sisters Are Doin' It!

Posted by Tahirah


Generally I don't get that excited about female singers as it is; I much prefer male singers because - even though sexiness is a big bonus - the focus is more on their vocals rather than their looks. With girls, the industry makes it that the focus is on their asthetics rather than musical abilities, therefore I tend to pay more attention to the boys.
But for a while the lack of great girl singers got a bit drastic, especially over here. I was starting to fail to believe that we had any true female British songstresses.

Other than Sonna Rele, who, due to her own label politics & dramas, hasn't been able to let her music free to the world yet (I wouldn't have had the pleasure of seeing her true talent if she weren't family!) the scene seemed void of soul singers; while the mainstream praised the Amy Winehouses & Adeles, the "Urban" industry had a few pretty girls with tinny voices who lacked substance (with the exception of a very few - NY being one of the exceptions).


Then about half a year ago, a few bangin' female vocalists started to creep onto my radar. Now its become apparent that the girls are doing it again.

So here are the girls who are creating their own buzzes around town who've all got a spot in my dukebox. They are super (multi) talented, young - all either my age or a bit older, and gorgeous; even if not in the industry's narrow-minded "conventional" way.

Natalia - Perfect Day ft Kaliba

I interviewed Natalia for Origins Media on Thursday gone, and before meeting her I'll admit that I wondered if she'd be another disposable pop artist with a weak voice & a pretty face. After seeing her perform her set at YoYo, with her label mate Kaliba, I realised she wasn't - and after interviewing her I realised she might just be here to stay. Her 25,000+ myspace friends would agree, I guess.

Rox - Forever Always Waiting

What I like about Rox, other than her music, is that she seems really refreshingly funky. I don't think she tries to be cool - she just is. On her myspace she claims to owe her musical eclecticism to the music collection of her "Jamaica mumma and Persian pappa". Whatever she's got, Mark Ronson digs it coz he got her to fill Amy's spot, belting out Valerie on his tour.

Alex Mills - Gin & Tonic

This lass from Leeds is signed to Chris Blackwell's (Bob Marley's manager) indie label, Bowpunk. She's also on a funky house tune YOU'VE probably raved to - that I thought was a nameless/faceless white sleeve - but it obviously isn't. Just listening to her myspace dukebox shows how diverse she is.
Szjerdene - Wait A While

I actually found out about Szjerdene on the Origins website. I'm surprised she's still not signed, but I'm hoping she holds out for a funky little independent that won't try to blight her creativity. A brilliant acoustic talent, she just oozes star quality. Just watching a youtube clip of her live performance had me wanting to hear more. She also had a spot on E4's School Of The Arts. Blah - I didn't watch it.

Jessie J - Technology

I'm not sure WHERE I found out about her, all I know is, I was looking through my notebook and I saw her myspace page scribbled down as something to check out. So I did, and she's dope. She's signed to Gut Records. I love the fact that I could rave to the beats on some of her tunes, but her voice is so powerful that her vocal ability transcends over the big backing tracks.

Tawiah - Every Step

You know about Tawiah. If you don't, get to know.

When I was thinking about posting this blog, I found this on Hattie Collins blog - Ny, Alex Mills performing the track above and a girl named Anisa who I know very about (help someone!) on Westwood.