Monday, 21 December 2009

Bougie's Top Five Upsets of 2009

Posted by just Bougie!

These are my top five upsets of 2009, or the ones I could remember anyway.

1) Michael Jackson

It was June 25th 2009 and I was at home, watching TV I flicked past CNN and they said MJ went into cardiac arrest and then that he had passed. I didn't believe and still dont want to.
...but if there was a list of the top 200 balling (crying) moments of 2009 his memorials would be the top 199. I was so upset, but I know he is in a better place.

R.I.P Michael Joesph Jackson (1958-2009)

2)Tiger Woods

UGH! What a waste of time! I had your back when you were the best golfer, even though you denied us, but now that your the loser that you are, Ive denied you, you can be by your self... all by your self!

No wife, no groupies, no kids, no fans, no sponsors, no golf...


Cancelling your show!

How can I be on the show if you cancel it? All I need is 3 years.

Im sure everyone has heard enough about Chris Brown and Rihanna. * sigh * I love them as a couple, beautiful, successfull and young. But I guess everything is not all it seems to be.

5)Lady Gaga

Just Lady Gaga as a person was an upset.
(she could have quiet easily been number one)
Just her. Nothing she did. JUST HER!

Those are my top 5 upsets...

Signing Out, Bougie Baby!


Lady V said...

Haha - Lady Gaga should have been number 1!!