Monday, 21 December 2009

Actress Brittany Murphy Passed Away

Posted by Simone Says

Brittany Murphy died the sunday morning of December 20, 2009 at 32 years old from cardiac arrest.  Her mother found her.  Brittany Murphy once said "home is where my mom is".  This shows they were close, and celebrity or not, a mother's loss is hard.  God Bless her family. 

Brittany Murphy is an actress best known for roles in "Clueless", "8 Mile", and "Just Married".  She also sang and lent her voice to animated works.  This woman was truly gifted in the arts.  I realized that years ago and just yesterday I thought to myself, "when is she going to get an Oscar or some more Oscar material soon?"  She has a few projects she was working on, but....that's it.  Another life cut short.  
Media will have a field day or two as people everywhere use what they've learned on CSI and other crime procedural shows to find out how she died, as it if it really matters.  It doesn't.

   “I think they should take everyone who works for The National Enquirer and the Star, and everyone who works for Us Weekly, and put them all to work looking for terrorists. I think they would find the terrorists. All of them. It would be genius!” 
  - Brittany Murphy  

People say "why do we care when celebrities die?"  I discussed this with my friend Keshia earlier and she said it's a cop out to say "regular people die everyday".  As she pointed out the people who said this would be upset if their favorite rapper died.  The thing is I don't know "John Doe".  He's never made me smile, laugh, or cry as some celebs have.  He's never gotten me through a hard day.  He's never inspired a fashion choice.  His death is important, and if I read his story on the news and learned what happened I'd be sad over what he endured in his last moments. I'd be sympathetic for his family.  I get sad reading the news occasionally.  The point is celebrities truly touch us.  We don't have to know to them personally to appreciate the small effects they've had on us.

"We become desensitized towards death for celebrities, treating it as [if] they could have prevented their own demise because of their position on the food chain."   - Keshia

I composed a vid of some of my fave clips from Brittany Murphy.  Enjoy.  Remember.