Saturday, 19 December 2009

All Nee-Nee Wants For Christmaaaaas:

Posted by Nee-Nee

It's now the season for family to come together, collect presents, eat turkey, pull a cracker, etc.

I will be frank; All I want is presents. That's all.

So all I want for Christmaaaaas is:

1) A Snoopafied TomTom

2) A car for my Snoopafied TomTom

3) A backup car in case I crash my BMW (If I get my backup car then everyone who lives in the block can take a ride in my
♫big Mercedes Benz)

4) Driving lessons for my BMW

5) A gold iBook (I don't own a laptop)

6) Another iBook in case I brake the gold one!

7) ANYTHING to do with T.I (I would LOVE these though)

(I don't have King album :( But I do have Paper Trail and T.I. vs. T.I.P :) )

8) Last but not least I want HIM

*Big happy sigh* So, I don't want a lot.

And I don't believe in Santa...but I believe in my dad! :D

Sidebar: Look For the little boy, he wears Diamond Rings and he's a Beast!