Thursday, 19 November 2009

Thursday Throwback - THE BACKSTREET BOYS!!

Posted by Lady V

If you live in the UK, you'd know that there's been a bit of hysteria gathering from the pre-pubescent crew when it comes to JLS. I've witnessed it at first hand, having to deal with 20 young girls waiting outside BANG Radio HQ and getting quite violently upset when I admitted to them that JLS weren't coming to the station, they'd done a pre-record. Their answer was quite terrifying; 'but they did Capital Breakfast this morning and were at MTV all last night so no way could they have fitted in a pre-record, you're lying to us!' My thoughts were 'Er ok, if you know their promo schedule inside out, firstly, you're weird and have way too much time on your hands! Secondly, wait in the cold, I'm not bothered.' But I kind of felt bad, so I tried to explain to them again, and they just would not understand, they were going to stay until Aston (the little one right?) and the crew showed up - HARDCORE!

This got me thinking though, I shouldn't really be that cruel or laugh at their expense (I did at the time when returning to the office) as it wasn't that long ago when I had a similar obsession. Yes, cue not only Thursday Throwback but Admittance-of-hysterical-boyband-love story; I adored the Backstreet Boys! I've seen them live about 8 times, been to signings, own copies of the International versions of all their LPs (yes, 'I'll Never Break Your Heart' in SPANISH!!) and on discovering that they stayed at a hotel down the road from me, I camped out there too for a weekend! Oh the shame, actually admitting this! But why not, I was a kid, they were talented (aaah, their harmonies!) and yeah, they liked to perform synchronised dance moves with no tops on - loved it!
So in ode to the BSB, let's revisit some of the classics......

Quit Playing Games With My Heart - One of my favourites, taking you way back to '96!

The first single I ever bought! 'Everybody'...You know the moves!

'Tell Me Whyyyyyy' - I Want It That Way

I was also gutted I didn't get to see them play at the beginning of this month on their UK arena tour but shhhh, don't tell anyone!