Thursday, 19 November 2009



Funky house is supposed to be a sexy affair happening in places where fly chicas with 3 Degrees come to show off what they learnt in their belly dancing and salsa lessons. And where the reformed 'Man dem' pose off at strategic places lookin sharp, spittin game to the said females.

It's not like that at all though. It's like war and it's not sexy. The chicks don't dance they 'Stomp' and all the 'Gym boys' just wanna out sweat each other. It's not Funky it's Fuckries....

Who can save us from this madness?

She can!

Enter Natalie "Sexy Sexy" May. She's the triple threat. She sings, writes and dances.....very well. She's one of my Fly Females of Funky. Other members include Princess Nyah, Egypt and name a few. Her new track Sexy Sexy(Put your fingers all up on me) has been bringing the funk back to the clubs for a little while now and is due for general release in January

It's a BIG tune and if she let me, I would blatantly put my fingers all up on her, and her dancers, and her backup dancer......and her manager. They're like a gang of brown Barbies on a mission to 'keep it sexy'. I endorse this.

Check out the fressssh new video and have a listen to what happened when she joined me in the studio a few weeks back...

Natalie and I choppin it up in the studio at BANG Radio

Till next time Blockski's....