Friday, 20 November 2009

BRAND NEW VIDEO: Wiley 'Take That'

Posted by Lady V

ABSOLUTELY WICKED!! This video is going to be really important in the Grime/urban music scene - no-one has ever really just made a video that compliments the music. Think back, few videos do not have a storyline to them or don't basically act out what the artist is saying, and thank goodness, we've got a Grime video WITHOUT silly big booty-d gals shaking their bumps or mandem looking thugged out! The video for 'Take That' is mature with a sexy twist whilst being just as freaking nuts as the tune - Perfect! I love it! Big up Wiley on this one, and I'm also glad to hear a British Mc actually utilising and working out how to rhyme words found in the dictionary such as 'furthermore' than slang all day every day.