Blockers! Um, doesn't sound as great when you say it out loud, but any-hoo! Things have been kind of quiet in my world, but it is Monday and that means one thing! It's COMEDY time!

Yup, Timbaland's latest vid 'Morning After Dark' made me laugh a lot, so I've been on the hunt for other videos to brighten up your week and rid you of those Monday blues...

So, I know this is kinda an oldie (been around a good month!) but if you haven't seen Black Eyed Peas 'Meet Me Half Way' yet, let this be the vid to make you have a giggle! Primarily, because like Timbo's latest, the first phrase that will come to mind will be 'WTF, what the hell is this about?' But when you break it down you may feel, like me, compelled to laugh when you notice that once again, poor Apple-de-I-phone-App and 'The one with the long face and matching hair' have got shit parts in the video AGAIN! Maybe this is a cruel 'lol' moment, as really I'm laughing out of sympathy/uncertainty of why they always get the random, pointless parts in Will-i-am's (sorry, BEP) videos, but so what? You're probably sitting at your desk, gutted it's Monday again, or in bed depressed with nothing to wake up to - so hold the phone, take a second and be glad that no-one you know can take the the piss out of you like Will & Fergie blates did with the other two of their band!

App is what I can only describe as a stranded, blind, modernised beduoin 'FLOATING' (?) in garms similar to US soldiers, and poor long haired dude (does anyone actually know his name?) comes in a good 2/3 into the 5min long video as a bloody astronaut! R-I-G-H-T! With Will-I-Am riding an elephant and having the magical compass thing (but it still looks cool) and Fergie looking gorgeously Midsummer Night's Dream-esque....why or rather what is going on with the backing dudes' characters? I must say at one point I even feared for Long hair dude as he got very close (almost too close) to the sun, I know he has a minor bit in the song but why put him that close to the sun that the shine overpowers his really boring costume and only moment of the video?
Take a look and try not to laugh at the no story-line and App's and Long hair's cameo in Will-i-am's (sorry, I keep forgetting, Black Eyed Peas) video: