Monday, 23 November 2009

Comedy Video of the Week: Timbaland ft SoShy 'Morning After Dark'

Posted by Lady V

It's only Monday and I have already crowned Timbaland's debut tune 'Morning After Dark' from his album Shock Value 2, my Comedy Video of the Week. You may accuse me of being a little hasty with such an important decision, but the fact that I'm STILL laughing at this ridiculous offering of a music video, I'm going to stand by my initial reaction.
Please, take out 7.13 minutes of your life and have a giggle....

With all awards it's only fair to explain the reasons for nominating the winner. Therefore without further adieu, let me go into more detail and pull our some of the 'Morning After Dark's' defining features which justify why this video deserves such serious slating:

Let's set the scene; we're in Italy, that's right the 'old coffee maker in front of the tv' shot confirms our setting. Yes, that's why the camera holds for a split second on this shot - just in case you didn't realise,

Woah! People keep disappearing...then appearing...then walking on walls, but shhh, the chick can't see!

Now, has Timbaland popped one too many pills at this crazy Italian gathering? He's blatantly trying to hide it, but his freaky little twitches, dialated pupils/bulging eyes, tell another story..

Oh yeah, and the gurning too...

The more he tries to act 'cool', the more bait he is - a bit like the first time you got pissed and stumbled home at 3am to find your mum waiting by the door 'I'm fine honest, haven't been drinking a large amount of cheap alcopops, honest' (cue puking up and falling over)

So, as not to confuse you even more, a wannabe Tardis features at 1.36 - is this Doctor Who or Buffy?

Oh, SoShy wearing a beret, a RED BERET - not at all connoting French-i-ness, does it? Mais non!

Timbaland then shouting 'please don't leave me alone' - doesn't really help his case, hmm?

Hold the phone - if you just thought you saw a vampire, what would be the safest thing to do next? Yes, that's it, run away to an EMPTY village square, stop and tell a stranger what just happened.

Gosh, thank God this girl is stupid enough to do so, otherwise then there wouldn't be...
- the SHOWDOWN - oooh Timbo versus random dude with the random wannabe Brit accent

Um, who is he? I thought we were in Italy?

By 4.22mins, I (like you) have no idea what's happening anymore or what this video is about, but it's ok because..WAIT,
just by caressing her hand, the lead damsel in distress (definitely logged on to can make the music come back and distract us from the fact that this story doesn't make sense and is SHIT!


Final question which I'll let you ponder over before bed - WHERE'S NELLY FURTADO? I heard this tune a few weeks back and Nelly was on it, she was the reason why I was excited to see the you reckon she morphed into the black cat with the unusually long, thin tail?



Tahirah said...

LMAAAAOOOO YOU USED SCREEN SHOTS! Pahahahahahhaa poor Timbo. I think the most interesting thing is that some of his muscle has umm...melted.

Tom said...

Fair enough, the genre of music video that attempts to create a story and that doesn't involve frolicking half-naked women hasn't been done any favours by this seamless piece. However, at least they tried, and Timbo's love of bizzare facial expressions is endearing, adding to his "nice guy" of music, working earnestly with the somewhat mysterious seductress Nelly. Timbo seems like a gentlemen and rather fittlingly challenges the stereotype of the Black male artist, showing a playful, more delicate side.

As for the addition of the beret on SoShy, come on that is a masterstroke! The beautiful 1950's dress coupled with the strikingly red beret and voluptuous 1ips of SoShy dredge up nostalgic memories of beautiful women with such well-crafted almost fierce faces that they provide the most wonderful Juxtaposition when compared with SoShy's tatoos. The combination of the old and the new, a sort of 1950's Noveau is simply beautiful and delightfully bold.

Beautiful times...