Tuesday, 1 December 2009

December 1st: World AIDs Day

Posted by Lady V

I'm not going to go on a preaching sesh, but I'm sure you know that today is World AIDs Day. AIDs is still an issue which has a lot of stigma attached to it because people are ignorant and don't understand what the disease is really about and how it can be stopped. Simply - have safe sex, wear a condom.

Please take a second to educate yourself and find out more.

It's cooler to be safe. Don't put yours and your partner's life at risk unnecessarily.

Now, since Mr. Bono has got involved with this project, he's been very clever and organised partnerships with some of the hottest brands out there, so you can keep buying your fave ish (Converse, I-pods, garms from The Gap) and be donating money to Product (RED) which aims to fight HIV and AIDS in Africa.
This year's collabo is with Nike, so of course I gots to shout about it!! Today, is the launch of Nike (Red) in 13 countries around the world, with their first product being red football laces (as seen on Chelsea star Drogba last weekend).

Pretty frickin hot, hey! (Gracias Vexed Mag, obviously so cool they were at the NikeTown London launch yesterday!) The laces are not exclusive to footballers/owners of football boots, so even you can cop a pair, yup, run to your local Nike store...I'm running as I type, to get your hands on these super fly additions to your sneaks! So what if you own bright pink Nikes, like moi?! Allow your trainers to clash for the day as it's for a good cause and ONLY £4 and all the money go the RED Global Fund and to Nike football-based programs.

Lace up. Save Lives

"We’re working with Nike to leverage the power of sport to fight HIV and AIDS in Africa. Together we’re focusing on two initiatives: Educate and Medicate. Our aim is to ensure that HIV positive people in Africa have access to the medicine they need to stay alive and to continue to build education programs through the power of sport." - From (BlOG) RED