Monday, 2 November 2009

Rihanna - Wait for your turn (the wait is ova)

Posted by Lady V

A second single off Rihanna's forthcoming album 'Rated R' has been leaked...

Ah man, what is this? Granted the third time I'm listening to it, I'm warming to it - but it's pretty DULL.With Chase and Status producing this and so much excitement from both their and RiRi's camp, what is this bland sound? Semtex and the likes are going nuts for it, saying that it will blow up...yes, add some deep wobbly bases to distract from her boring vocals, then maybe? But looks like we need to see what remixes come out of this very poor comeback...and please start remixing it now, as I'm very close to completely switching to Brown from the Rihanna camp. Not to harp on about it, but Chris Brown 1, Rihanna -1 (have you heard 'Russian Roulette'??)

Fingers crossed for a good video.

Ooh and if you really want to understand and appreciate just how good Chase and Status are, have a listen.