Sunday, 1 November 2009

Jay- Z 'Empire State of Mind' - vid finally here!!

Posted by Lady V

Yes ladies and gents, 'New Yoooo-ork' (as I like to call it) has finally been blessed with visuals. Hype on direction, and being a Jigga-man ting, I was rather excited about this video, especially as we had to wait so long.

Get ready to be blown away...

Well hold the phone, I'll be honest, it didn't wow me. Did it wow you? No?

Chris Brown's new offering below is just so much BETTER! We could argue all day that obviously, Chris needed to make a bit of an effort after all that blah blah Rihanna blah. But still, he wins hands down, the effects are next level!
Secondly, doesn't 'Empire State of Mind' remind you of another vid closer to home? Yes, check Bashy's 'Life', which Tahirah blogged about last month...I reckon Hype was going through a blog browsal sesh, saw Bashy's AMAZING video (not, joking, it's probably one of the best vids I've seen in a while,and very proud of Bashy reppin the London ting) here on the block and thought 'I know, let's make Empire State of Mind very much like 'Life' - go black and white, add a bit more bling, oh and of course an NY setting and no-one will notice'.

Hype, bruvs, it's rather too much the same - stop, and think about it.

Anyways, rant over, it's still a good vid and I still heartage the tune, big up Alicia on the vocals, hello! Looking very hot!