Monday, 2 November 2009

Boy Better Know's Goin In

Posted by Nee-Nee

This video was directed by Scorcher....thats why it's good (Lipsin Ting wasn't the best video....but it was still...a video)!

Anywho 'Goin In' is released 14th December 2009....I hope they have an album out...their songs are HARD!

But there's no Wiley :(

BBK - Goin In

Shorty looks nice (as always)
JME looks nice (as always)
Skepta looks nice (as always)
BBR looks nice (as always)

Because they are having a party at Jammer's house they do not have to moan that there's not enough girls...just saying innit?!

Things that made me laugh:

  • Jammer forgot he was throwing a party (He must of forgotten if he was sleeping the time to party was starting)
  • Jammer came downstairs in his dressing gown
  • Jammer was still sleeping while the party was going on (downstairs in his house...oh Jam)
  • Skepta: "Oi BBR tell them what it's like when we go to the bar" BBR: "STUUPID" Skepta: "Ya get me BBR"