Monday, 2 November 2009


Posted by just Bougie!

WELL MORE LIKE A SWINE SURVIVOR!! (H1N1 aint got nothing on me!)

Bougie here in the land of the 3a's...Canada!

And after 4 long hard weeks, of cold sweats, shivers, vomiting, pains, coughing, sneezing, not being able to sleep or breathe, and did I say vomiting, oh and a few hospital visits....I can actually say i survived!!!

You see I thought I was the
Queen of hand sanitizer, washing my hands throughly and all of that infection control stuff, what I didnt know is that if someone has SwineFlu and coughs, the virus stays airborne for 7 hours...UGH!

Public Transport + Public Schooling = The Big Swiney! (even though i think i caught it from Tahirah over BlackBerryMessenger LOL)

In a weird way I'm glad I got because I sure as hell wasn't going to get the SwineVacination, call me a conspiracy theorist.. BUUTT, in 5 years you'll be watchin the news and it will go a lil something like this...

"Breaking news, I'm Trevor McDonald, and we have just found out that the H1N1 that was given to millions in 2009, is not now actually mutating humans into pigs, people are growing hoofs, snouts, and little cury tails..."

It might be a little far fetched, but im just saying, say this was to happen...I'll have one word...HA!

But back to reality!

Im back and in FULL EFFECT!

So for all my other Big Swiney survivors! Together we UNITE, i made us this pic:)

Bougie signing out!


Tahirah said...

What a liberty! About you caught it from me over BBM! LOOOOL!

That image is TOO much, blatantly my new logo! BIG UP the swine survivors - Bougie, Lady V and so many others! We are warriors! Let's unite!