Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Reminder - Bad Intentions (Free Partaayyy)

Posted by Tahirah

A while back I blogged about BAD INTENTIONS, DJ Yasmin's night in Camden, North West London UK. Now it's up and running and it actually is a dope way to spent your Sunday.
"I'm doing BAD INTENTIONS for FREE, so it can be FREE for you guys to come to, it's not a money making venture, that might make me a mug considering the amount of time and effort I put in but I don't really care. I'd had enough of west end clubs telling me what to play and wanted a place where myself and other dj's can play what we want to people who appreciate it.
If you're one of those people who complain about all the clubs you go to playing shit music, or the same songs over and over again, and you want to hear not only GOOD music but music you just don't hear everyday on the radio or on mtv or at these other clubs then you should be at BAD INTENTIONS every Sunday."

I say...
The tunes are big, vibe's nice & FRUIT JUICE IS ONLY £1 FOR A PINT GLASS! WIN! I don't drink, but I'm guessing that that means alcohol has to be pretty cheap too...coupled with free entry = WIN WIN WIN!

I'll be down there skankin out this Sunday with a pint of apple crack juice in my hand while DJ B and Yasmin are on the 1s & 2s. If you're in London make sure you schedule it into a Sunday or 5 while it's happening - BAD INTENTIONS @ The Black Heart, 3 Greenland Place, Camden, NW1 0AP