Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Chipmunk Tweets For Help

Posted by Tahirah

"CHIPMUNK has made a very public cry for help - leaving suicide threats on Twitter.

Whether he really meant it or not, the poor lad is not in a good place. He has burnt himself out. It's sad news.
Chip posted the disturbing Tweets over the weekend. First he said: "I wanna die." Later he asked: "Is suicide easy?"
The young rapper pulled out of last night's Modern Warfare 2 video game launch and the Tweets have been taken down.
He's now getting some much needed rest with his family in north London.
A pal said Chip had been pushed too hard. Bear in mind he's only 18 and found himself catapulted to fame this year, hitting No1 last month with Oopsy Daisy.
His spokesman said: "Chipmunk has been working incredibly hard, which has taken its toll.
"Management have agreed to cancel all upcoming appearances to give him some much needed time off.""


Perfection7 said...

Thats sad, but anything that stops him from being on tv is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

haaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaa PAR!