Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Melanie Fiona - The Bridge

Posted by Tahirah

"I felt like calling it The Bridge would be perfect because it seemed to be bridging the gap against things that separate people."

When I chatted with Melanie Fiona back in the summer, though already a fan of her sound, I thought her reason for naming the album The Bridge was ambitious. Then I heard the The Bridge.

While R&B by it's plainest definition, The Bridge honestly does segue easily across production influenced by doo-wop, reggae, rock and 60's soul while Melanie's rich vocals show a versatility we don't see in many of today's soul singers. A simply stunning debut release which will hopefully set the tone for the quality of her feature releases.

The UK had a release date of July 20th so I've had The Bridge in rotation for a while now, but the US release date (which was initially around early August) got pushed back a few months. Now the physical release of the album was finally released today Stateside and I'm glad she's getting the recognition definitely deserves!

If you're not, get familiar with some Melanie Fiona below

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