Tuesday, 10 November 2009

New Music: 'Me I Ple'...Sorry Robin?!?

Posted by Lady V

This new offering from Robin Thicke has got me greatly confused...it's strangely hypnotically addictive. Actually, it's pretty rubbish but I just can't stop listening to it for the following reasons:
A) It's just noise on the first listen, but the more I play it, I'm deciphering a variety of sounds....hmm, in-ter-es-ting!
B) I like Jay-Z'z continuous trademark 'a-ha's - wow, he's proper gone for dropping them all over the shop on this track!
C) I'm trying my darn hardest to sing along, but it's not working....cue play numero 6!
D) What is Robin actually saying???

Well, please send your answers on a postcard if you can answer D) and also let me know if you agree with either A) - C) or am I too old-skool when it comes to song arrangements/appreciating good tunes?!

Get this stuck in ya head!