Thursday, 12 November 2009

Thursday Throwback: Plan B - Mama(Loves A Crackhead)


Above is the video for Mama(Loves A Crackhead) from the album Who Needs Actions When you Got Words

Just had a post-lecture introduction to Plan B. I'd heard his name mentioned a few years back, but the prospect of a white dude who raps, sings and simultaneously plays the guitar wasn't something my mind was open to at the time. When Eminem dropped, my psyche took a similar stance. How curious! Perhaps I'm a rap racist? Perhaps not? Either way it's irrelevent. The dude's clearly talented, and as of this moment I Endorse-This-Ish.

So till next time Blockski's,



P.S And from now on, I'll prevent my dads "White Devil" speeches from affecting my musical tastes. Amen.