Thursday, 12 November 2009

Dirty Money - Love Come Down

Posted by Tahirah

I actually really like this tune. It would be heaps better without Diddy but in my opinion most songs would be better without Diddy on there so that's nothing new. The girls look flyy too - Dawn's hair is the business! The video is aiight, nothing special - it looks a little bit dated to me but it's not terrible.

This Dirty Money thing is going to be interesting - generally Diddy comes across as awkward and embarrassing in all his endeavours as a "rapper/artiste", but I think with these girls on board, Diddy's generally clever decisions with imaging (well...this side of the millennium, there's no need to talk about his PVC suits from the 90s) and solid production, musically they'll teeter between being very bad and very good. That Angels song was dreadful.