Monday, 14 September 2009

Digital Girl

Posted by Tahirah

So...I thought I was all old skool and retro. I have a t-shirt that says I'm a Vinyl Pusher. Other than an addiction to the internet, I never thought I was too technology-dependent. In fact, me and technology kind of have beef -two of my phones died, my laptop chargers explode every 6 months or so and my creative zen MP3 player - yes, not an ipod (I've been trying to go against "The [creative] Man" and stay away from apple products) - recently decided it wanted to shun me. Through all these technological fails, I've managed to persevere!

Until I realised I had to do my radio show without my laptop.

THEN I realised all my music is on my laptop or on MP3.

THENNN I also realised my CD collection is now outdated, or all unclean albums where the artists say naughty stuff like n****, b*****, h**, f***, m*****f******* [insert random profanity here] that can only be edited if the track is in MP3 format.

THEN. THEN. THEN - I thought I had salvation - I burned a couple of CDs with edited, current tunes on them before my laptop decided it needed a holiday! But...them I realised the tracklistings were all typed up and on my laptop.

Of course, I persevered through and had banging tunes, because I'm a rude-gyal like that. BUT I've resigned myself to the fact that I am not retro or old-skool and I am, indeed, a digital girl.