Friday, 18 September 2009

Awards Hype

Posted by Tahirah

It's Awards season and I'm getting a little bit excited. Fresh off the hype of the MTV Awards, I've booked my flight to Glasgow for the MOBO Awards on September 30th and my girl Lady V is already planning on picking out frocks.

I'm predicting that this year's MOBO Awards will be the most interesting for a minute. The UK underground scene are actually getting a real look in this year and the nominations have been pretty reflective of the level of creativity, morale and positivity surging through the British Black music scene.

But forget all that - it's the controversy I'm looking forward to this year! I'm looking for some kinda excitement. So if we're more than 25 minutes into the show and there's been nothing mahoosively exciting or no bloopers, make sure you clock the stage hard - if Beyonce's Single Ladies wins "Best Video" and one of her 'representatives' hits the stage saying "Beyonce can't be here today..." before they can finish their sentence, a girl with dreads rocking a "The World Is My Block" T-shirt carrying a box of apple juice will stagger onto the stage and drag the mic off of one of him hollering, "I'MMA LET YOU FINISH...BUT UMMM...CHIPMUNK SHOULDA WON THIS AWARD! HE HAD THE BEST...THE BEST VIDEO THIS YEAR WITH UMM...MIGRANE SKANK!"

OR while Jermaine Jackson and Shaheen Jarfagholi perform Shine you'll see me slide across the stage wearing aforementioned t-shirt and a glove with stitched on know - just "feeling overwhelmed with the spirit."

Ahem. If you've been living under a rock for the past week by any chance, here are the social references I'm making.

Just a point to say, anyone feeling sorry for Taylor Swift. Stop innit. She's got THE biggest PR boost EVER from Kanye's drunken antics. And Kanye needs to go and have little a rest, because the Kanye I rate would never reach an award-show in a leather waistcoat and a bottle of Henny. That is all.