Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Stylin' On A Budget

Posted by Tahirah

I'm a super-flyy-radio-presenting-music-journalistic-blogging chick. But I'm also...

...A student. A broke one. Like, the quintessential broke student. Too long without student loan and I'll resort to eating dumplin and drink water all day. Why dumplin over bread, you ask? Well, the Caribbean snack fried dumplin (or "bake") consists of self-raising flour, oil, salt and a bit of water - invest £1 in economy flour, oil and salt and you could feed me a lot longer than one loaf of bread could - think of those charity adverts... "give a student a tenner for one day and he'll eat kebab and drink beer for one day - give him the tools to cook - baked beans and a pot, or in Tahirah's case, dumplin mix and a frying pan - and he'll be able to look after himself for a lifetime!"

I digress. Anyway, even though I'm a broke student, as I said before, I'm a super-flyy-radio-presenting-music-journalistic-blogging chick, and in this industry I have to look the part of the super-flyy-blah-blah-blah.

So I've perfected the art of Stylin' On A Budget.

Now, I wouldn't normally let the world in on my secrets but after a discussion today with Marsha, editor of Soul Culture, I decided to divulge a little with my blockers. For the first of my sporadic features, This is how I styled on a budget with make-up.

Today Soul Culture invited me be part of a photoshoot where I'd be amongst a load of cool super-flyy-music-blogging people so I knew I had to look good (for some weird reason the London blogging scene is comprised of a bunch of fashionable ma'funkers).

Girls, listen up at this bit. I've never owned a foundation/concealer/blusher/powder/all that other nonsense. I needed some cover-up for the spots that are relentlessly adorning my phizog so I had to figure out how I could get cover-up for free. But I didn't have enough time to do my plan A, so I had to skip straight into plan B.

Before I continue, let me explain plan A. It's exceedingly simple to get yourself a free face in London. Hit up the department stores or make-up shops and express to the beautician that you want to buy a new foundation. Tell them you don't know what one to try, and you normally buy [insert rival brand to the one you've visited], but based on recommendation you want to try them out.

Seeing as you've done a little ego stroking, and you've acted a little clueless, they'll usually suggest trying out a few products. If you get a stingy beautician, make it clear you need your whole face done..."hmm, I'm still not quite sure, I'd need to see how it looks on my whole face..."

When they're finished, tell them you want to try it out and if you like it you'll come back and buy it. Or you can be shameless like me and say you just need to be done-up for the day - don't be totally uncouth, add at the end, "but if I like the way this looks/feels I'll definitely get it when my student loan drops!" with a cherry-ade smile.

I had to skip to plan B...DIY make up with testers. I didn't have time to go to a department store, so I went to Superdrug. And with the help of my girl L-Boogie, and the security guard standing 4 point 5 footsteps behind me (until I told him, "you know, I'm not taking anything; I'm just using your testers,") I applied and blended concealer, foundation and bronzer. It was like the blind leading the blind as Boogie doesn't do cosmetics either and I didn't have anything other than my fingertips as application tools. Top tip - bring your own brush fingie or bring hand-wipes. Apparently I DIDN'T look like a clown but we'll see when the pictures emerge. Anyway, while I'm considering acting like a female adult and buying some damn make-up, I definitely advise getting the free face hook-up. That's what those helpful beauticians are there for (but avoid the ones on Oxford St...they tend to be mean - you don't want to piss anyone off and come out with half a green face and half a red one).