Sunday, 16 August 2009

Im not sure...

Posted by just Bougie!

Bougie here,
(boi have i been neglecting my blogging duties!).

There has been a lot of changes in hiphop...changes toward degrading women more and more. Especially on BET ( a whole other blogging topic)...

But today i sat down and took to some youtubing to catch up on my dancehall and saw a whole other type of degrading or so i think...

You see I saw this video and i can actually say I'm not sure if this is degrading or not?

Play the flim (yes i said flim) and tell me what you think...It called Pon De Floor....but its not quite a song more of a riddim with some hardcore daggering..

ohh and dont start me on the blond fro hawk...SMH!


Anonymous said...


That was 4 minutes of WTF moments.