Sunday, 23 August 2009

It's Emotionaaallllll!

Posted by Tahirah

How did...

Channel AKA's Jazzie (while wearing a robe and a rose in his teeth)

A wig

A bubbly bathroom

A ghetto hotel room and a DV camera stop me from going to sleep before 4:30am this morning?


Take your mind out of the gutter - as smutty as it sounds, it all had to do with the promotion of THIS:

The night was truly "emotional" me spell it phonically for emphasis..."EMOSHANALLLL!"

With a roundtrip that took us to every corner of London, made us encounter a woman working at the Mc Donalds drive-thru who blatantly wanted to quit her job after serving us (I'm not sure why, we just asked for extra sauce and straws!) the craziest wig shop ever, racist hoteliers in Paddington, run-down hotels in Kensington and much more in between - Policy (Sho! Patrol), Super film-man & director Marlon, Bigga Fish Street Teamer Karisha, Jazzie, his lovely girlfriend Rochelle, friend Kyzie & I had one of the most bizarre nights I've had for a minute. It was all emoshanall but it was definitely worth it when you see what we've produced.

FYI - If you haven't seen Jazzie's work: