Sunday, 23 August 2009

"My name Wale..."

Posted by Tahirah

So Wale was in the country last week. I caught up with him for BANG Radio, and my fam Soul Culture were also in the building.

Now, seeing as I know he's erm...not a fan of interviews (an issue that started a little bit of beef and onion with DJ Semtex when he mentioned it in interview so I stayed away from that), so I approached a little wearily. But he was a cool dude; as I entered he was tapping a rhythm on the table and a passion for music just emitted from him. He wasn't exactly warm and bubbly, but he answered the questions easily (although it was a little obvious he'd been doing so all day).

BUT 20 MINUTES LATER...Soul Culture went in, and I'm not sure what Marsha and Versetti did but I'm sure this was a whole different dude they interviewed! His energy was WAY up! While their conversation was short, Wale was passionate and energetic, talking about everything from his album title to lightskinned chicks.


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