Monday, 27 July 2009

Speech Debelle & Ellie Goulding

Posted by Lady V

I need a, stop! Let's flip reverse this, I want to rave...rave about two very hot British young women that musically have seriously worked it out all out bloody well - they actually have talent and no need to hide behind any gimmicks!

Originally, I wrote this article as a rant, beginning with the aim to show off my musical knowledge/creatively funny verse by simply cussing and complaining about La Roux (my face is always painted with colours of the rainbow, or so white I resemble Casper) and Lady Gaga (the most annoyingly untalented celebrity of current, simply an embarrasmment to females in the pop industry). No, STOP! The critsiscms will stop right there! Instead, this, my first blog, (welcome to my block by the way, it's on an estate in North West London) is going to be a praising sesh; I feel almost as if my faith in truly talented female musical artists has been restored and I need to exhale with an 'Hallelujah!'

Keeping it short and sweet...take a look at these ladies, and start bumming them too because they've got it all very very right (and very few ladies at the mo seem to be doing a good job of this!)

Speech Debelle

With a voice which only naturally makes you question if she's related to Marge Simpson, just a little bit, but some real, good, honest lyrics, this girl has something very special! Completly different to her peers in the Uk rap scene, with no need to swear excessively or rhyme with an abusive 'bitch, I'ma rip your Argos bling off ya after I dun your man' attitude, the beauty of Speech Debelle's debut album 'Speech Therapy' is its simplicity. She tells it like it is, no
metaphors, ridiculous OTT poetry, just honesty and bluntness, so you can feel her pain in songs like 'Go Then, Bye' but laugh when she drops lyrics like 'I'm going to use my giro and buy a 16th' because you know exactly what she's going on about!

Another reason which mkakes this pint-sized mc stand out in my eyes is that she's been the first artist I've seen live since Ms. Lauryn Hill perform in 2007, to make me sing along with her and genuinely understand and believe in what she's saying..and that's deep! Maybe it was just me, but with all the love she's been getting from music critics nationally, she can't be going wrong!

Big up to her for 'Speech Therapy' being nominated for this year's Mercury Music Prize, someone who definietly deserves it (ahem, La Roux and Kasabian??!?)

Oh, her album was produced by Roots Manuva..nuff said, go get a copy!

Ellie Goulding

Have you heard of this bird? Well, I hadn't until I heard this:

Yes, as much as I wanted every drop to speed up bpm and hit Drum & Bass, it is still a big, bad bassy tune (even thought it doesn't have one really, if you get what I mean?)

Now onto Ellie, the provider of the hauntingly Bjork-esque vocals..doesn't she make you want to go WOW? Hate to harp on about La Roux, but unfortunately there are a few similarities between the two Ellies (both are sort of ginger and signed to Polydor), only this Ellie's soprano voice is actually understandable and a pleasure to listen to as her words are decipherable!

Go check out her Myspace and start falling in love with the rest of her tunes; a good mixture of folk guitar and electronic but with an air of delicacy. She's making hot music suitable for both the city and country mouse, the only way I can expliain is 'Starry Eyed' works beautifully as you come up to Cloud 9 in a rave, just as 'Swimming Pool' works if you were lying in a field in the middle of no-where, both moments when you feel invincible and untouchable!

This girl's going to be HUGE!! Just please promise me you won't go painting your face silly colours!

Oh by the way, I'm Lady V..I love dance music, actually any music but it's got to be good, and I have a serious problem with/addiction to Drum & Bass - catch me every Tuesday night getting rather excited about Drums on BANG Radio, midnight - 2am!


Anonymous said...

Ellie Goulding is the most engaging vocal AND musical talent I have ever, ever, heard.

I remember being really excited first hearing La Roux. Almost willing her to fill the gap where Kate Bush left off.. but alas, just another one hit wonder :/

Every Ellie goulding track I've heard so far, I've played 10, 20, 30 times over and I'm still not getting the least bit bored.

For me it seems everything tha Ellie touches turns to Gold.

For everyone who appreciates her and her collaboration with Starsmith, AKA Goldsmith. We are so lucky.


fashionyourseatbelt9 said...

"Just please promise me you won't go painting your face silly colours!" oh, ellie :')