Saturday, 1 August 2009

"Maria Mexico" aka "Annie" aka......Ms Erykah Badu


I won't lie to you. I think this woman is crazy! Crazy in a creatively acceptable way - not "I'll eat your face!" crazy, more of a "What colour is Tuesday?" type crazy.

Anyway, it's her tune "The Healer" which has prompted this post. All day I've been sorting out my music. Records, CD's and an obscene amount of Mp3s were getting cleaned, re-labeled and re-filed until I came across this tune. It's distracted me completely and 3 hours have flown by since I put it on. Madness.
The chorus is like an ancient chant. I can imagine thousands of years from now after the earth's been ravaged by some kind of apocalyptic war you'll have old dreadlocked Hip Hop fiends chilling in their cave meditating to this sh*t.
It's deep man.
I feel possessed! Possessed by the spirit of Badusim, and as a fully fledged Baduist, I must share with you not only a visual representation of "The Healer" but also my first encounter with Ms Badu talents, plus some slick kids getting loooooose to "Back In The Day (PUFF)"
"It's BIGGER than religion......"

"What a day, what a day....."

"Soooooul flower take me flyyyyyin' with youuuu......"