Sunday, 12 July 2009

Off The Radar Streetwear Sale

Posted by Tahirah

I hate window shopping. It's not a concept I really understand (you know some girls actually make a day out of trawling shops...with no money, what the eff?) but today I had to engage in some...some of the street's biggest independent clothing lines had a sample sale so even though payday is somewhere in the distance, I hadta check out what it was saying.

After a busy Sunday morning I shot over to Westbourne Park (I'm loving the B&W photography at the mo!) around 5:30; the sale started at 11am so it was all a bit like a jam-session by then, everybody seemed to know each other and there were big tunes playing, pool games, discarded pizza boxes, and PS3 gameage happening.

Not only was the vibe mad casual, the clothes were alot too. Benjart were down representing. But I didn't take a picture of their stall...

Mishka, a New York line had some amazingly strange tees and fitteds, I was particularly feeling this one EyeheartNY...perhaps in a black rather than green.
Ask Your Girl did their thing - I was seriously side-eyeing the sunglasses! (Nice to meet you Jules by the way!)

Charlatan debuted their first collection. DJ Yasmin is the face of Charlatan...the ladies are doing it big.
I'm feeling the accessories! Might hafta get me a coupla LDN knucklebusters.

& finally, my favourite of the day - Trapstar clothing were also doing alot. Even more than the clothing though, I loved the branding...Pizza boxes and soap detergent? Loves it!

So while I didn't catch all the brands listed online, Off The Radar was still a good look. I love collaborations between anything in the industries, whether it be fashion brands showing each other support, DJs, or artists. Hopefully they'll do another Off The Radar Pt2 real soon (around some sort of payday, maybe?)

And finally...I took a snap of the bikers in the Skate Park to prompt myself - one day in the near future I aim to be able to skate on those ramps!