Monday, 13 July 2009

International Blockers!

Posted by Tahirah

So I just checked my google analytics (a wonderful thing!) and saw that, while most Blockers are from the UK, then the US, there is at least one blocker on every continent! So to thank you fabulous guys for clicking onto The Block, here's a picture of a sexy or flyy person from every country that's been hitting up the block, starting with the most frequent visiting countries.

Idris Elba repping UK. Yum. I don't know what it is know.

Keri Hilson repping US - my current girl-crush, she's actually in London touring with Ne-Yo at the time of blogging this.

Alison Hinds repping Barbados - hold tight all the Bajan Blockers, BajanTamz is holding y'all down riiiioght!
Adriana Lima in for Brazil. Lots of Brazilian Blockers...olá!

Matte Babel repping Canada while making me drool a little. He's like Toronto's younger answer to Boris Kodjoe. Anyway. Bougie takes care of the Canadian block.
Ingrid Vandebosch repping the Belgian blockers.
Frieda Pinto repping India. I still haven't watched Slumdog yet...!

Laura Izibor for Ireland - rude girl's got more flavour than a guinness punch!

Noemie Lenoir for France.
Enchong Dee for the Philippines

Giannis Spaliaras from Greece.

Greivin Morgan Araya repping Costa Rica.

Heidi Klum for Germany.

Micaela Reis repping Angola, the only African country with Blockers at the moment.
Kylie Minogue for Australia.

Maja Latinovic for Serbia.

Mark Vanderloo for The Netherlands

Keston Karter repping Trinidad & Tobago.

So Blockers...tell a tell a tell a neighbouring country! And start leaving comments!