Saturday, 25 July 2009

Diseased MCs Could Invade UK

Posted by Tahirah

Diseased Chipmunks Could Invade UK

Britain is set for an invasion by thousands of diseased chipmunks coming from France, experts have warned.

The animals are known carriers of ticks which cause Lyme disease and can also pass on rabies.
Warnings about the chipmunks potentially coming to the UK were issued after thousands of them were found living in Paris.

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So forget the was the title that caught me. Before I even read the story, I started sniggering. I just pictured an influx of little rabied clones of Grime's wonderboy ChipMunk, rapping Who Are You (not any of the last few singles, they are too tame - a diseased, crazy ChipMunk is more likely to recite more 'aggy lyrics than radio friendly Diamond Rings) while eating fried chicken while making synchronized, Thriller-meets-funky-skank movements.

The power of music, ey? Instantly I thought of ChipMunk rather than an actual...chipmunk (I didn't even think of Alvin and his boys!) Or perhaps my imagination is a little off-kilter and I should stop staying awake past midnight, but anywho. Diamond Rings is in stores now and Soul Culture did a lovely interview with him recently - check it out.