Friday, 24 July 2009

The "Industry" Cheek-Bump

Posted by Tahirah

So this week I've gone to a couple of those industry things - including Young Nate's listening party - his EP 'A Piece Of Me' is out now and you should buy it innit - click here for the play.commage one time. Anyways, it has led me to trying to understand the psychology behind the standardized "industry" greeting.


Let me explain the art of the cheek-bump. You see someone you know across the room so you go over. You don't wave. You don't hug. You don't kiss cheeks. You give a half-limp pat-hug, where you stand with your bottom kinda cocked out so there is some distance between you, then you offer your cheek and your cheek-bones bump affectionately. Then you gush, "how are youuuu?"
See, I've only just got it down to a pat so sometimes I get it wrong. Sometimes I accidentally give a real hug, or I give a peck on the cheek and then I get a fleeting look of horror/perplexity from the recipient.

It's not my fault. I'm still a bit confused by the overly-contrived greeting. I like proper hugs, proper kisses, proper handshakes and sincere greetings - the cheek-bump isn't really any of those things. Can someone explain what the bumping of cheeks is meant to represent?

...That said...with Pork Flu flying around I understand not wanting to get too close with any real bodily contact. How about we just wave at each other? Yeah? Safe.