Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Posted by Tahirah

My SoulCulture Family decided to salute Lauryn Hill, who celebrated her birthday 25th May. The video - featuring Trevor Nelson, Jazmine Sullivan, Eric Roberson, Nneka and J*DaVey - brilliantly encapsulates what so many people think about Lauryn and her contribution to the game (big up Miss Marsha & Eddie Smith).

SoulCulture contributor Tola also gave her opinion on Lauryn; an alternative view which has sparked a serious debate in the comments section. Here's an excerpt:
"When I first heard The Miseducation… album in full I intended to like it. Indeed, after so much hype I initially convinced myself I did like it. But it didn’t take long for me to realise – and vocalise – how much Hill’s pontificating and whingeing on that record really grated me. Musically, I felt Miseducation… was not saying anything new. Looking back the interludes were the best thing on that album for me. Most of the songs, at least lyrically, were derivative; sounding like a pastiche of any neo-soul song you ever heard. I appreciated the simple, gritty and effective approach to Hill’s harmony arrangements but it wasn’t enough for me to regard the album as this seminal contribution to music that others tried to convince me it was."
Wowzers...I don't agree with the view because I think 'Miseducation' is a timeless classic, especially for my generation but I loved reading her opinion on it. What I WILL say is that I think Lauryn is beautiful, amazingly talented and...crazier than a $3-dollar-bill. YOU can get in on the debate & read the rest of the article by CLICKING HERE. Happy birthday L-Boogie!



NOBODY mentioned the interludes!!! Those classroom skits are classic.
I actually spent my travelcard money to go get this album and scrounged of my peeps for a whole week so I could get to school. Real talk.

Anonymous said...

LOL yer them skits were heavy "L...O....V....E....."