Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Goodnight London, Good evening Toronto, Hello World!

Posted by just Bougie!

Its your girl Bougie (pronouncedˈzhē, -ˌ)....Allow me to introduce myself, I was born in Romford, Essex and now in live in Tdot (Toronto)the land of 3 A's c-A-n-A-d-A, where the Inuits live, where we live in igloos, we play with beavers and ride moose! riiiight....

There is a lot of misinterpretations of Canada and one is that there is no civilization here....FALSE, and YES we do have a McDonalds here, actually have 1400 of them, we also have a great hip-hop scene which i know has just come to the Limelight....thanks to Kardinal Offishall and Drake


Here are some of the Canadian artists you might not know about but need an honourable mention.... Take a listen!

Jully Black
(Its not a mirror image, they are really identical rapping twins)

Rochester aka Juice

JD Era
Kim Davis

Love, Peace, and Blue Magic Hair Grease! HOLLLLER!

Shoutout to my cuz Tahirah!