Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Summer Fruits



Summer! What a glorious time of year! Apart from lazy days and bright nights, my favorite perk of summer is the FRUITS.

Mmmmm, juicy, sun-filled, sweet and plentiful, the FRUITS of summer are my palates muse. Serenading my taste buds and frolicking with my senses, NOTHING can compare to my love of summer FRUITS.

So, it was with great delight, that on opening the curtains this morning and peering over the balcony, I saw my favorite FRUIT tree was in full bloom and had provided me with yet another bountiful crop of fruity treats to see me through the summer season.

So taken aback was I by their natural form and beauty I had to commemorate the occasion with some pictures. But alas! What is commemoration without participation? For this reason alone, I've published the images of my horticultural summer happenings to share with you the joy of my garden in summer....

Fresh blooms


3 of my 5 a day...