Saturday, 7 March 2009

Love Me

Posted by Tahirah

Gemma Weekes is a poet, writer and musician from London.

I've just finished reading her first novel, Love Me, which was published earlier this year. Love Me is set during one summer between London and New York, and follows Eden - a twenty-something, slightly insecure photographer - as she she deals with the feelings that affront her when she reconnects with her first love, Zed - a beautiful, dark, strong, American rapper...who isn't into her anymore.

However, the tale runs a lot deeper than Eden's awkward and seemingly unrequited harbouring for Zed. Through her Auntie K's letters, readers get an incite into Eden's St Lucian foundation and when she visits her Aunt in New York, you see Eden finally begin to find herself.

The story colourfully encapsulates the summertime vibe in both LDN & NYC, and Weekes' effortlessly juxtaposes transatlantic street slang, the essence of country-life in the Caribbean and the tangled feelings that accompany discontentment in one's own skin perfectly in this poetic prose.

I'll say no more about the storyline as I have an implicit hate for it yourself! I love it. And it seems like the first contemporary novel authored by a young Black British person to come out for a while - so you should buy it!

Buy it HERE at WH Smith or HERE for a little cheaper at Amazon