Saturday, 7 March 2009

Keep Marchin'

Posted by Tahirah

Sod's Law is a bastard.

Yesterday I fell victim to Sod's Law - I won't give you all the details but lets just say I felt like my name should have been Calamity Jane.

Just when I was particularly fed up, I was walking through the back streets of Camberwell with a bounce in my step not-so-cheap handbag strap rips apart from the material of the bag at the seams.

Frustration pervades my bones, and just when I'm sure I'm about to jump, stamp and scream and embarrass myself in front of a whole lot of people, this song comes on my randomly-set mp3 player:

Like an epiphany, Rapheal's soprano tone glides effortlessly over his 60s' styled soul production as he convinces me to Keep Marchin' no matter what obstacles I'm facing. His motivational jeer only lasts for two minutes forty seconds before my mp3 moves on to something else - Cherish I think it was - but it Keep Marchin' was enough to keep me marching on for the rest of the day.