Saturday, 8 November 2008

1X has New Female Talent!

Posted by Tahirah

Ooooh how exciting! About 6 months ago I moaned about the lack of opportunities for new talent in the industry here. My opinion has changed on that quite a bit - while the music/radio/media industry is still very exclusive, there are opportunities for those who shine - case in point...

I spent this summer hemmed up in the 1Xtra was alot (I began a post about it sometime in July & never quite got round 2 finishing it). During this time, the 1Xtra breakfast co-host Zena left Trevor Nelson for an errr...sunny Colorado, US with her hubby. This morning, they unveiled the new 1Xtra breakfast co-host.

Gemma Cailey, who was a finalist on MTV's talent search Pick Me MTV got scooped up to co-host 1X's flagship show with Trev. Being that she's totally new talent, I'm ever so slightly excited beacuse it means the head-honchos in the industry are still giving opportunities to total newbies to cut their teeth. Which means there's still hope for me somewhere out there when I take the big leap. Loves it!

Another day at the office: My favouritest picture from 1X!