Saturday, 8 November 2008

History...OURstory...Obama 08

Posted by Tahirah

They said it could never happen - a BLACK man residing in the White House.

Now, amidst the bleak times, millions of people (from the record number 62 mil + stateside that voted for Barack to the millions across the world who know that when America sneezes, the world catches a cold) found renewed hope that change can come.

But there's how I look at it. Regardless of race, Barack was a better candidate - his charisma, his integrity, his policies, his campaign style. I don't know yet if his policies will change America greatly, and make it a better place to live. I have faith that he will have a damn good try. He's got a LOT of damage-control to exercise after 8 years of Bush administration.

However, the pride that permeaded from my pores in the wee hours of Wednesday 5th November had little to do with politics. Regardless of what happens next, I was proud that this man made MILLIONS of Black people unite and act together and make a change. They said we don't vote. We voted. Its been a minute since anything has motivated us into mass-action.

I was proud that this man made millions of non-Black people look beyond his colour; choosing an African to lead their country, just 44 years after Blacks were being killed in America for their right to vote.

& on another note, America will have the flyyest 1st Lady EVER & people can stop insulting us by calling Bill Clinton the first black president!