Wednesday, 12 November 2008

"N*E*R*D blew a muthafuckin hole in the Roundhouse!"

Posted by Tahirah

9:10pm - Tuesday 11th November 2008, at the Roundhouse in Camden N*E*R*D (Shae Haley & Pharrell Williams sans Chad Hugo) casually saunter onto the stage to a rapturous applause from a sold-out audience. Although Chad is nowhere to be seen, the boys are accompanied by a full band including two very talented drummers and base players - who also happened to be good looking, supplying extra eye-candy for the females in attendence.

Across the City in the 02 Arena, around 15,000 people watched Kanye West 'Glowing In The Dark', but in the more intimate surroundings of the Roundhouse's main space, hosting 3,000 people, we - the audience - were part of the show.

Tearing through tunes from all three albums, In Search Of... , Fly Or Die and 2008's Seeing Sounds, my favourite hip-hop rock band kept the audience jumping, pushing and rocking. Obvious favourites from the set were Lap Dance, Rock Star, She Wants To Move, Everybody Nose & Spaz.

It seems like Beyonce is not the only superstar who assumes another persona once hitting the stage. Usually super-cool Pharrell bounces across the stage, working up a sweat without inhibition. The thing that impressed me most, however, was his audience interaction. He spoke to us reguarly.

"I heard there are some journalists from newspapers in here tonight. Well the headline should read N*E*R*D BLEW A MUTHAFUCKIN HOLE IN THE ROUNDHOUSE!"

Grainy picture courtesy of my digital camera

"Shae, I just wanna clear something up...I didn't see any signs that said no crowd surfing - did you?"

While pulling up around 10 guys onto the stage from audience - "I don't give a fuck if you're black, white, asian, latino, see-through, polka dot, glass - I don't give a fuck what you're made from, if you're here to party with N*E*R*D lets party!"

Picture by Ashleigh Jadee

After getting glow-sticks thrown at him - "I love getting stuff thrown at me from the crowd, but what the fuck is up with the glow-sticks? What about the good shit, like CDs, or panties?"

After pulling loads of girls on stage, one asks if her friend can come too - "Look, we're up here to party as FRIENDS, you are our friends, we ain't on no fan shit, don't be pointing out your friends to come on stage if you wanna party with me - now do you wanna party or not?"

We did party. We partied hard.

Picture by Ashleigh Jadee

N*E*R*D at the Roundhouse gets a respectable 7 & 1/2 out of 10