Monday, 28 July 2008

So....I haven't been round ere for a while

Posted by Tahirah

Seriously slacking

I'm trying to think of a viable excuse, but I haven't got one. I couldn't even think of a witty, funny line. Oh well. Boo.
To be fair, I've been doing & seeing some blogworthy stuff! I'll share in another post.
After a bit of lappy negligence I've decided to give the lappy some love. I dusted it off
and my mind went wistfully to the days when I had nothing to do with my evenings, I'd be up so late surfing that me & lappy fell asleep on the bed. I'd wake up with drool on the keyboards - okay, it didn't get that deep, nearly did though - & in my bone-idle state I became a total addict (nervous twitch & all) and victim to a quiz. The impossible quiz. Try it - I dare you. I had to go cold turkey to get away from it; and I only got up to question number 69 or so.
Have fun. If you click the link, don't cuss me because you lose your social life/friends/boyfriend or girlfriend/job due to the Impossible Quiz. I'm just the one who got you hooked to "show you a good time", I'm not the one who made you go back again and again.