Sunday, 29 June 2008

Jay-Z: 1 - Noel Gallagher: 0

Posted by Tahirah

"If you didn't get the memo my name is Jay-Z and I'm pretty fuckin' awesome!"

Jay-Z proclaimed after an intro that had Jay playing a guitar & singing Wonderwall and a fiery performance of Encore (the Linkin Park version OF COURSE!)

After easing the crowd in with some Indie shit, Jay-Z ripped through tracks from all his albums A.B (after Blueprint), a few freestyles - including one over American Boy peppered with UK culture references "ladies lemme see your knickers, as long as you do't tell my missus! ....I'm just taking the piss..."

The crowd roared in appreciation as Jay touched on everything from Barack Obama to the Glasto-haters, incorporating traditional Glasto stuff with a truely hip-hop set.

& where was I? At home, listening on 1xtra rolling around my bed hollering out "GWAANNN BAD BWOYYYY!" at the radio, like a donut.

Am I pissed that I weren't there?

Mud. Tents. 200,000 not-too-clean people. No bathtubs. No thanks. I will, one year, if someone invites me into their winnebago!

But most importantly, I'm quite concerned that people made such a big fuck-off up-roar about Jay-Z headlining...for anyone disillusioned about Britian being liberal - nope, even our music scene is still VERY right-wing.

Anyone who's seen Jay-Z perform before knows he kills it on stage - even if you're not a fan, you'd still be entertained. But even if you hadn't, shouldn't the universial language of music mean that you'll allow your mind to be opened to something different. And not something that has the potential of being some random bullshit either; someone who must be doing SOMETHING right in his circles (being that he's worth around £100mill & he hob-nobs with people like Chris Martin & Denzel Washington). But no, the "controversy" of Jay-Z headlining, the "lack-lustre" ticket sales, garnered so much attention that even GMTV were talking about the hip-hop star.

ANYWAY. Bashy, Akala & Kele Le Roc were at Glasto reppin Bigga Fish. Heard the killed it. Good on ya peoples!

Right, I'm off to bed!

P.S., you can listen to the show via
Westwood's show for the next week...FastFWD by 2 hours if you just wanna hear Jay.


Del said...

looked awesome. upset i dint go