Friday, 23 May 2008

Choo on the phat choons

Posted by Tahirah

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These are some of the songs that's reached the "weekly playlist" on my mp3 player. Some new, some not so new, some so fresh they come in like chicken with no for each day of the week!

Jazmine Sullivan - Need You Bad

21-year-old Philly native Jazmine is the latest signing to J Records. This single, Need You Bad is a reggae tinged mid-tempo banger is produced by Missy Elliott and Lamb, and could be a hit (in my opinion) with the right amount of promotion. The psuedo tropical melody compliments her rich, earthy tone and her vocals on this track have gardnered comparisons to Lauryn Hill. As a fan of reggae influenced soul, I can replay this track a good few times without getting bored. All they have to do is remove the offkey sounding Jah-Merican intro and I'd be sold! P.S., its available to buy on iTunes now.

NERD - Spaz

Now, I'd been in love with NERD's Everybody Nose from when I first heard it, posted on a blog on Vibe. But if Everybody Nose -a tune about club life and it's drug culture - was my Diet Coke, Spaz is my Diet Coke with CHERRY! While NERD have seemingly been quiet for the past year (Pharrell has been busy nurturing new artists such as Teyana Taylor & opening BBC Ice Cream stores), the electro-crossover sound that is penetrating "Urban" music at the moment seems to be on par with sounds they've been experimenting with for years. Spaz has a simple repetative hook accompanied by a chaotic beat, a formula familiar in Neptunes recordings. And while this track is by far not the best NERD tune I've ever heard, I've got this feeling that Pharrell, Chad & Hugo are back for 08 - producers beware - nuff said.

Tawiah - Another One

Londoner Tawiah has been on many people's radar for a while now. It took me a little longer to tune into her frequency, but now I'm there, I'm there for good. The track Another One just, quite simply, makes me feel good. From the intro where she talks about rummaging through her Dad's record box to the harmonies on the chorus. With her powerful vocals, eclectic style (soul / experimental / Chinese pop - her myspace reads) and support from the press, she looks set to do big things, and I can imagine Another One as a second single.

Kid Sister - Control

I LOVE HER! That is all I am going to say.

Cool Kids - Action Figures

They had this one to download for free from their Myspace. I dig Cool Kids - I feel like we need some young, free-spirited artists who seemingly don't care about conforming to what people are calling hip-hop nowadays, and actually drawing inspiration from rappers of the early ninties... not just saying how much they love "Illmatic, Eric B & Rakim, Slum Village and A Tribe Called Quest" when they want to claw for some credibility from hip hop purists while they put out doo-doo. Err, ok, I went on a bit of a tangent there. Action Figures is a good tune. I want them to hurry and drop the album.

Santogold - Creator

A couple of weeks ago, my little sister caught me singing and asked "why are you singing that song from the hair gel advert?" I paid her no mind, sure that she was mistaken and not "ready" for the big tune I was singing. Then the next ad that came on the TV was the V05 ad. The first time I took note of Santogold was when I heard "I'm A Lady." I didn't really like it, and consequently, it hasn't been played by me again. However, she got my attention and I quickly followed with Creator. I noticed that I have to be in the mood for this tune - sometimes its too harsh for my mellow mood - but when I am in the mood for it I can repeat it 10 times. From the African-influenced drumming to the sharp supporting vocal that makes up the hook, it's just big. It looks like V05 think so too!

Solange - I Decided

While not an outstanding tune, I personally love the vibe on this track (I'm quite easy to please), and in fact, all the new music I heard from her. Sure she was going to again, try and fail to build a career is an pop/R&B singer in big sis Beyonce's shadow, I didn't have many high hopes for her comeback **giggles at the irony of a girl barely two years my senior doing a comeback**. And while there is still a very strong possibility she will remain the forgotten Knowles, I hope that the distinctive soulful sound will gain her some well deserved attention. I REALLY don't know about her calling herself the SOUL ANGEL though. Welp. Each to their own.


Anonymous said...

That other Solange song, "Sandcastle Disco", is wayyy more dope.

Tahi-RAH said...

Yeah I reckon so too actually. I'm starting to believe she could pull this "successful album" thing off, coz Sandcastle Disco is a big tune.