Sunday, 18 May 2008

In The Past Month...

Posted by Tahirah

...I've neglected some responsibilities - including updating my blog regularly. The end of April passed as a blurry blah.

Then May 1st came. I VOTED for the first time, in the London Mayoral Elections.

That felt good. However, I haven't been disillusioned into believing MY SINGLE VOTE will make a difference. If it did, THIS MAN would NOT be governing London:

**shrudders** you can que horror music now...

Anyway, enough of my political views.

>>> Back to my recap...

In the past month I've been on Eddie Nestor's show on BBC London TWICE (once in April, and once yesterday - 18th May) doing the Monday morning newspaper reviews at 1am. Uuber fun. We've spoken about everything from driving lessons to Eddie greasing his skin with sunflower oil...and I got in a wee bit of trouble for saying crap. And I nearly went "oh fuck, I didn't know I wasn't allowed to use that word." haha!

May brought the SUN to London.

Everyone got excited and forgot we live in a place that doesn't ACTUALLY have seasons (they are more like a theoretical ideology we learn about in school, but we don't have proof they really exist in Britain). So everyone thought summer was here to stay. I didn't. Thus, I took advantage of it.

The day after this picture was rained.

I finished university Friday gone until late September, so I have a blissful 4 months of dossing about. Well not QUITE. Err not at all actually. I got a job...

Those amazing people sitting around me are the
BBC Blast crew - the other creative trainees. I've bagged myself a creative traineeship/work placement with BBC 1Xtra & BBC Blast this summer. I'm still waiting to start that, so I'll let you know how that goes as that goes.

Also in the past month, I've had amazing days with the friends and family closest to me, I've gotten a new camera and nearly lost all of my friends due to tagging them in pictures they deem undesirable, I've struggled with and conquered coursework deadlines, I've gone to my first broken beats night (in an amazing venue, that I'm not going to tell you about until I book it and programme an event there but it was exactly what I'd been looking for and it was right under my nose!), and celebrated Stevie Wonder's 58th birthday at Jazz Cafe with the talented Mr Eric Roberson...