Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Soon Come!

Posted by Tahirah

It's Tahirahthe landlady here, and I'm here to dish up some excuses and apologies. Postage (#noRoyalMail) has been slow due to a plethora of technological FAILS in my life.

A broken laptop, a broken external hard-drive, limited access to the home CPU and dicky internet has made blog-love a bit sporadic. In fact, I currently feel disconnected with (online) life - twitter my only readily available contact to what's happening, I find myself pedantically twalking (tweet-stalking) my timeline every half-hour when I'm devoid of any other websites or online interaction. 

Anyway, enough about my pitiful virtual and technological life (technology hates me. It does. I love it, but it hates me, we're in this awkward relationship of unrequited love...) the point is - the Block is going nowhere! Regular service will resume shortly, and we've got plans to get even bigger and better. In true, good, old-fashioned, West Indian style - The World Is My Block "soon come".

So until then, don't go anywhere either - grab a biscuit from Lady V, visit Simone to talk about the latest films, holla Nee-Nee for the latest grime news or find out what's happening in T. Dot with Bougie and watch this space.

Sidebar: British Blockers, do you remember BACK in the day when BBC 1 and 2's broadcast would end with the image above and that awful dull tone?