Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Pass Out Remixes: all of the scene wants to 'Pass Out'

Posted by Tahirah

It seems like Tinie Tempah has created this year's British "A Millie". EVERYBODY is jumping on his banger, Pass Out (which we blogged earlier and now has over 1 million You Tube hits).

Here's the scene's take on Pass Out so far:




Guvna B


Princess Nyah

After spending around 20 minutes listening to all of them (if it was a lesser beat I'd be crying every time I heard the first percussions by now) all I wanted to do is listen to the original - Tinie's version, so it's a great look for him to have created a tune with such appeal.

It's out MARCH 1ST - let's make sure the sales reflect the buzz

Props to Nee-Nee who blogged them all first on SERIOUSLY NEE-NEE so I didn't have to go and find them.