Saturday, 9 January 2010

Mystro - 2009 UK Rap Up

Posted by Nee-Nee

HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE. Hope you have a jolly 2010!

Everyone has their end of year wrap-ups, even Block has had our wrap up from last year...but here two rappers have gone beyond "wrap-ups" and done some RAP Ups

First Skillz made '2009 US Rap Up':

When I heard this I thought "This is dope...he just said everything/nearly everything that happened in 2009 in under 5 minutes."

Yeah I thought that was cool but the UK one was better. Mystro name dropped nearly everyone in the UK scene! Lady V posted this in an earlier post, but now there's an official video.

Mystro - 2009 UK Rap Up (Official Video)

"What about Tinchy's beef with that dude. Forgot his name something like La Woah, La Who?"

Tell me your thoughts on these songs.