Monday, 14 December 2009

What I gots to say - Leighton Meester's 'Somebody to Love'

Posted by Lady V

This music video has been available for a little while now (ok, since November!), but only came to my attention today. Maybe it's because although I was very intrigued upon hearing that our fave Gossip Girl bitch Blair would be emmersing herself into the world of music, it's taken a little while since signing to Universal Republic back in April for anything to happen...I kinda forgot about it! Also, being labelled as 'electro pop' (hmmm, ok?!), it never really came into my radar when looking for new music. But, as a fan of Gossip Girl, I felt compelled to blog about this, so here goes!

After careful watching of 'Somebody to Love', as I always do before throwing it your way, I noted the following - please take a second to read these simple rules in order to full appreciate the video:

1. Turn your volume to mute - the song's nothing special at all, Blair's (sorry, Leighton's) voice isn't anything special and the fact that she really cannot say 'J'adore' in the sexy way it should be is a tad frustrating...."J'a-dooo-re, J'aaa-do-oore, J'a-do-rrre!" - see, why didn't she ask me to say it?

2. Allow/ignore/try and forget Robin's terrible outfits. I'm not a fan of the burgundy leather jacket - who wears them anymore? Then the high-school jock look with the bright yellow jacket?! Woah, blinding and, no.

3. Allow/ignore/try and look beyond Leighton's wriggling - yes, I fear she has that wriggle bug that so many movie stars/actresses/generally the not vocally talented get when having to make music videos - see Heidi Montag's 'Higher' and Paris Hilton's 'Stars are

4. BUT BUT BUT, look at how terribly gorgeous Leighton is! Not in a pervy, sexy way (although I'm sure this video has got many men's toungues wagging), but she is just effortlessly and classically beautiful! I heart her clothes - she is definietly, dare I say, the next Carrie (SATC) for the Gossip Girl generation. The couture outfits are amazing and it's so refreshing to see elegance with a mature sexy twist in a pop video.


And just because this is my first Gossip Girl-related post and I'm discussing visuals, I had to post these incredibly pleasing-to-the-eye shots!

Ed Westwick

Penn Badgley

Yeah, you got me, this is just an excuse to cover the block with pics of hot men...shhh, don't tell the landlady!