Wednesday, 30 December 2009

End of 2009 - recap in 7mins

Posted by Lady V

30th of December 2009 - the penultimate day before 2009 ends and the 00s (how do you say that? noughties, zeros, oh-ohs??), so now is when we all start reminiscing about days gone I catching you after you've just been checking out an ex on Facebook or maybe you've happily finished writing your resolutions in a To Do list? Either way, of course, I (as with every other blogger in town/the universe) want to contribute to your reflective moment and I've just heard the best song to do so!

Allow more babble and ramblings, listen to this....

If you're in the Uk, you'll definitely understand what British hip-hop mc Mystro's going on about and being very clever with his lyrics...If you're anywhere else in the monde, well this is what happened in the UK music/entertainment-wise in 2009.

Short and sweet

Bring on 2010 (the tens, the teens, the one-ohs...however you wanna call it!)